RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Repetitive, manual tasks are tedious for humans and cumbrous for businesses.  Automation is reforming the way businesses operates today, bringing in such potency that it has grabbed the attention of organizations around the world. Enterprises across sectors like IT, manufacturing, banking, automobile and engineering are rejuvenating themselves by implementing automation solutions that enhance productivity, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

The latest approach to automation is the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which has been a critical component to help businesses in their digital transformation journey. RPA boosts operational efficacy by completing monotonous, dreary digital tasks using a software agent called a “bot” or “robot”.  As an RPA Service Provider, SmartView Solutions delivers end to end services for automating the business procedure as well as the IT operations. We work with companies of all sizes and domains to create digital workforce that are secure, steadfast, and scalable.

Our highly skilled RPA experts will provide comprehensive services throughout your RPA journey - from delineating the strategy to constant improvement and invention, implementation, automation, integration and support. Also, we help organizations incorporate RPA with exponential technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and knowledge based systems to drive enterprise-wide revolution.

Our Approach

Business Readiness Analysis

Most Companies are seeking for an effective automation solution to meet their increasing business needs. SmartView Solutions is, at present, backed by skilled personnel, proven best practices, and operational insights to meet your RPA needs efficiently. Our tech-savvy involves an in-depth analysis of the RPA readiness for your procedures to make sure that returns are maximized. 

Core Benefits

Improves Productivity

Bots tirelessly work 24/7 without interruption.

Low technical barrier

No programming skills are required to configure a bot.

Non-invasion technology

No interruption with the inherent systems and provides consistency.


Staff Retention

Allow workers to focus on more stimulating task.


RPA is usually 2X-3X faster than humans.

Improved Compliance

Bots follow regulatory compliance rules and deliver audit trail history.

Business Case Discovery

Besides being just a cost effective technique, Robotic Process Optimization is also a philosophy that affects the core operations procedures in several ways.  Therefore, setting up clear expectations and ascertaining the mode of operation with the company’s stakeholders and sponsors is pivotal to its success.  SmartView Solutions is equipped with the right skills, knowledge and expertise to efficiently identify business cases that are most suitable for Robotic Process Automation.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Having a clearly defined operational path is critically important to ensure that robotic process optimization is successful in the organization. The RPA experts at SmartView Solutions will ensure proper planning and implementation of the RPA Proof of Concept to demonstrate the full extent of the RPA value.  At a glance, key activities we undertake include - identifying PoC procedure, building teams, planning, developing and delivering robots, implementing and gauging PoC results and creating summary report for executing RPA.

RPA Implementation

Successful execution is often a result of meticulous planning and clearly defined strategy and goals.  SmartView Solutions has affluent experience in developing flexible, sturdy, autonomous robots to support intricate workflows through a well-coded software reconciliation process.

RPA Support

Although RPA robots are designed to be autonomous in its operations, there is always room for further enhancement. The experts at SmartView Solutions offer complete support and maintenance services including day-to-day bot operations appraisals to get rid of bottle necks to ensure constant improvement.

Process We Follow


Discover RPA opportunities and create scope.

Analyze process

Evaluate process based on RPA capability and find right procedure.


Proof of value

Undertake POC with selected procedures and evaluate outputs.


Design target model and continue building experience.

Rollout & Integration

Standardize RPA and continuous enhancement.

Why RPA for your business?

  • The average cost of designing, implementing and running a robot is much less than the corresponding FTE costs.
  • Unlike humans, robots can work round the clock and can make no errors.
  • Cost savings can be achieved over the output of productivity
  • Any business procedure or application can be fully automated
  • Robots can effortlessly be scaled up and down to handle demand fluctuations and seasonal variations
  • Increases operational efficiencies and reduces operational costs
  • Robots work with 100% efficiency and accuracy at all times and allow compliance to business rules
  • Improves information security by eliminating human access to business data

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