Cloud Computing (Public, Private, SaaS)

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way how the business and customer store their confidential data. It eliminates the traditional use of the hard disk, CD’S, and other products.  Cloud storage has empowered the business process and access to data from anywhere not just from one device. Smart view solutions provide cloud computing services and also elevate topnotch security level for cloud storage.

SmartView Solutions contributes for overall facilities and solution for cloud computing. It increases the mobility of accessing data from any place with the use of any device. All you need is a browser and internet connection to access any software application from any location. Cloud storing is a powerful resource for disaster recovery process. The software keeps evolving with new updates to boost the technology to the forefront.

The security check has been a major concern. Cloud computing has increased security by almost 94%. With the increase of cloud-based services, security settings can be changed according to the user. Cloud storage uses encryption which gives a minimal opportunity for hackers to get authorization to view data.

The three cloud computing standard modules are:

SaaS: software as a service.

SaaS caters consumer’s access to providers’ application running on a cloud infrastructure.

PaaS: platform as a service.

Paas network gives an expansion place for application developers

IaaS: infrastructure as a service.

IaaS provide service like collecting online API’S of underlying network.

Operational Issue

Less hassle more efficiency

Server Maintenance

Providers regularly update software

Improve business

Swift collaboration of ideas

Always on

Loginto cloud anytime from anywhere

Document controllability

Original document no copies are saved

Capital investment

Low investment high end performance

Collecting data is easy but saving every day data securely was a futuristic problem to be looked upon. Cloud computing has been a revolutionary change for saving and storing data. It has delivered high sustainability in services and work process. Cloud storing is environmentally friendly as it reduces carbon footprint.

The collaboration of all the employees irrespective of their location increases the work efficiency. It is one of the best ways to get all ideas in a line to deliver the finest work. Cloud storage eliminates the orthodox way of saving data with multiple hardware. It has decreased the cost of hardware which reduces the maintenance cost and expenditure.

Involved features

Great pooling and elasticity of resources

Implementing updates

Quick installation, reliable process

User Convenience

Securely access files by any device

Additional advantages

Advanced mobility and collaboration

What Price

Pay only for what you use

Cloud Availability

For any business on demand

SmartView Solutions assures quality as poor clouding leads to inconsistent reporting. Cloud base saves all data at one place in a single format. Everyone can use and access the same data while maintain consistency, avoid errors and keep a track on any revision or new update of the data. This excludes saving different form of data or document which creates disorientation between employee and the systems.

Cloud storage not only streamlines business purposes but even for personal usage. It is useful for everyone. Cloud computing is one of the economical ways to innovate and develop business swiftly. It enables the centralization of all computer services under a single protected server.

Cloud computing reduces the capital investment with smaller running cost. You pay for what you use, new users can be interconnected to the cloud-based application with ease. Automation of upgrades has been simplified as it is done by your cloud service provider. The update causes minimum impact on your organization and takes less time for application to work on new upgradation on the system.

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